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500: argentina, the stolen babies
of the dictatorship


Director: Alexandre Valenti

Production: Intuition Films & Docs, MPC Filmes, Bo Travail !, Cepa Audiovisual and Nuppec

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 105 minutes

Country: Argentina and Brazil

Year: 2015


From 1976 to 1983, Argentina lived under a military dictatorship, when entire families were ripped apart through the repressive steps taken by a terrorist state that took the lives of around 30,000 of its citizens. One of its most terrifying practices was the systematic kidnapping of over 500 babies born to political prisoners and the ‘disappeared’, who were expropriated by torturers as the spoils of war. 500: Argentina, the Stolen Babies of the Dictatorship tells the story of the tireless struggle of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo who are searching for their stolen grandchildren. So far, they have discovered and rescued more than 130 of these 500 kidnapped children.

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