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consciência ampla na tela



Circuit: Square and Workshops

Period: 2007 to 2012

Company: Ampla

Mechanism: Rouanet Cultural Incentive Act

Municipalities: 27
Films screened: 28
Sessions held: 79
Workshops held: 123
Shorts produced: 120
Public benefitted: 80,000

About the project


The Consciência Ampla na Tela (Ampla Onscreen Awareness) initiative implemented by the Ampla power company in its concession area has achieved impressive results in its four editions, bringing the best of Brazilian movies to 27 towns in Rio de Janeiro State. In its original format, this circuit included sessions in town squares for up to 700 people, with popcorn, soft drinks and gifts. It also ran movie creation workshops to teach public school students about basic camera techniques, scriptwriting, producing and acting, and make short movies on environmental topics. During these four editions, the students in the workshops produced 120 shorts that were shown as opening attractions at the Circuito Praça outdoor screenings in these 27 towns.

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