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cinema em movimento - circuito bayer



Circuit: School and Workshop

Period: 2019

Company: Bayer

Mechanism: Rouanet Cultural Incentive Act

Municipalities: 04
Schools benefitted: 19
Teachers trained: 105

Workshops held: 04

Students certified: 66

Sessions held: 71

Public benefitted: 4,972

About the project


The Cinema em Movimento – Circuito Bayer (Movies in Movement – Bayer Circuit) brought a set of actions to schools, using audiovisual techniques as training tools, fostering social transformation and building citizen awareness. Teacher training meetings in the Circuito Escola (School Circuit) provided capacity-building activities for 105 teachers, as well as audiovisual creation workshops for students and screenings of selected movies. The focus was on the connection between education and the cinema as an educational tool, encouraging observation and reflection through the issues addressed in the screened works.

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