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circuito correios



Circuit: School and Workshops

Period: 2012

Company: Correios

Mechanism: Rouanet Cultural Incentive Act

Municipalities: 03
Films screened: 02

Schools benefitted: 06
Sessions held: 73

Workshops held: 06

Students certified: 150
School audience: 4,022

About the project


This project brought Brazilian movies to the students at six public schools in the towns of Niterói, Maricá and Itaboraí, to use as educational tools. Every session included free popcorn and soft drinks, together with educational booklets prepared by the project. In addition to these school screening sessions, this project also ran six movie production workshops where student learned basic camera, scriptwriting, production and acting techniques to make a short film. Special sessions featured Brazilian sign language (LIBRAS) interpreters for student with special needs and hearing challenges.

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