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cine ebx nas escolas



Circuit: School and Workshops

Period: 2011

Company: EBX

Mechanism: Rouanet Cultural Incentive Act

Municipalities: 01
Films screened: 02
Schools benefitted: 05
Sessions held: 54
Workshops held: 5
Students certified: 150
School audience: 3.240
Public benefitted: 3,390

About the project


The Cine EBX nas Escolas (EBX Movies in Schools) project screened two Brazilian movies in five public schools in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to using the cinema as a teaching tool, which helps address content in more contextualized ways, this project ran two audiovisual production workshops. The resulting shorts were used as the opening vignettes of the sessions held at the schools. This project also included a major closing event at Cinema Lagoon, where prizes were awarded for shorts in four categories: Best Film, Best Script, Best Actress and Best Actor.

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