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hope dies last


Director: Calvito Leal

Production Co: MPC Filmes and Telecine

Genre: Comedy

Running time: 78 minutes

Country: Brazil

Year: 2015


An eager television reporter, Hortência (Dani Calabresa) is a dreamer who hopes to move beyond covering trivial events and become an anchor for the local TV news. When she discovers that Vivian (Adriana Garambone) is about to be fired as the local news anchor, Hortência jumps at this great opportunity. But unscrupulous journalist Vanessa (Katiuscia Canoro) is also in the running. Determined to nab the job, Hortência invents a serial killer and starts to ‘investigate’ the case, boosting her profile. To maintain the ruse, she gets help from two friends (Danton Mello and Rodrigo Sant’Anna) who work at the Coroner’s Office – but the lies quickly spin out of control.

Cartaz A Esperança é a Ultima que Morr
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