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metrô cine



Circuit: Square

Period: 2001

Mechanism: Direct funding

Municipalities: 01
Stations: 08

Films screened: 06

Sessions held: 9

Audience: 9,000

About the project


The first Metrô Cine initiative featured nine large-audience sessions around eight Line 2 subway stations in Rio de Janeiro: Largo do Machado, Acarí, Saens Pena, Pavuna, Colégio, Arco Verde, Maracanã and Largo da Carioca. These free open-air sessions screened six Brazilian full-length features: Tainá – Uma Aventura na Amazônia; Os Xeretas; Domésticas, O Filme; Copacabana, Memórias Póstumas de Bras Cubas and Bufo & Spallanzani. Attracting an audience of more than 9,000 people, these Metrô Cine sessions benefitted communities and passengers with limited access to movie theaters for economic or geographical reasons.

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