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Director: Calvito Leal

Production Co: MPC Filmes, Globo Filmes and Universal Pictures

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 90 minutes

Country: Brazil and USA

Stage: Pre-production

Year: 2022


João, a grown man who’s crazy about movies and superheroes, is about to see his childhood dream come true with a trip to Orlando and the Universal parks. The night before he travels, his boss asks for a small favor: take his son on the flight and hand him over to his father. But, nine-year-old Carlos Alberto behaves like a middle-aged businessman with hypochondria. And what was supposed to be an easy flight to Orlando turns into a serious headache when the father never shows up to collect his son. Now, João must serve as babysitter, learn to live with differences to keep his job, while also overcoming his childhood fear of rollercoasters.

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