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parintins - jungle magic


Director: Simon Brook

Production Co: MPC Filmes, Cinétévé and ARTE

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 71 minutes

Country: Brazil

Year: 2006


Deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the end of June is a time of celebration in the town of Parintins. For three days and three nights, the huge boi bumbá bull pageant parades through the streets, a symbol of Amazon identity, portraying local legends. Some 10,000 people come from all over the Amazon region to watch the competition between two Bulls: the Caprichoso blue group and the Garantido red group. Throughout the year, residents from the most rustic riverside communities to the upscale neighborhoods of the state capital Manaus prepare and rehearse the choreographies, putting in every effort to bring home a victory for their favorite Bull.

Cartaz Parintins - Jungle Magic.jpg
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