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cinema em movimento - perdigão



Circuit: School and Square

Period: 2008

Company: Perdigão

Mechanism: Rouanet Cultural Incentive Act

Municipalities: 08
Films screened: 13
Sessions held: 124
Discussions: 8
School audience:

Square audience: 12,774

About the project


Blending film and knowledge, the Cinema em Movimento – Perdigão (Movies in Motion – Perdigão) initiative spent four months visiting eight municipalities in five Brazilian States: Mato Grosso, Goiás, Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul. In the course of a week, this project organized at least fifteen screenings in each of these eight towns, with sessions as part of the Circuito Escola (School Circuit). These programs reached out to public school students, including APAEs (Parents and Friends Associations of People with Special Needs), showing movies accompanied by explanations by a professional, and other activities, like educational scavenger hunts. Targeting a youth and adult audience, the Circuito Noturno (Night Circuit) was enriched by discussions. Actors like Darlan Cunha – who starred in City of Men – and André Ramiro – who starred in Elite Squad – were among the guests who discussed education and the environment, safety, security and violence. The project also ran a global warming alert campaign, in partnership with WWF Brazil.

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