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cine transpetro nas comunidades



Circuit: School and Workshop

Period: 2019

Company: Transpetro

Mechanism: Rouanet Cultural Incentive Act

Municipalities: 134
Schools benefitted: 181
Workshops held: 06

Students certified: 55

Sessions held: 411

Public benefitted: 22,898

About the project


Through the Circuito Escola (School Circuit), the Cine Transpetro nas Comunidades (Transpetro Movies in Communities) initiative was implemented in eighteen States, focused on 134 municipalities through which the Transpetro fuel pipelines run. Using the cinema as an agent to reinforce precautions against illegal fuel tapping from its pipelines, Transpetro held more than four hundred sessions in schools in these communities. In addition to audiovisual creation workshops where students learned and implemented techniques for the production of short movies, with film screenings, the project turned the classroom into a playful space to develop knowledge and ideas.

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