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amazonia - the last frontier


Director: Alexandre Valenti

Production Co: MPC Filmes, Intuition Films and Docs, Mano a Mano, ALEA Docs & Films, Televisió de Catalunya, NHK and France Télévisions

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 92 minutes

Country: Brazil and France

Year: 2013


Amazon – The Last Frontier is the continuation of a saga that began in 2003 with Amazon - Inheritance of Utopia (La Ruée Sauvage), featuring the most important developments in the Amazon in the 20th century. This second documentary explores political, social, economic and human aspects that take us thousands of kilometers into the heart of the revolution under way in this mythic land. The activities of corporations like the Rio Madeira (Jirau and Santo Antonio) hydropower complex, the Amazon Satellite Protection System (SIPAM) and its programs ─ Nova Cartografia da Região, Por uma Terra Legal e Prevenção ao Fogo (New Cartography of the Region, For Legal Land and Fire Prevention) ─ are addressed in this documentary, together with initiatives undertaken by the Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (Sustainable Amazonia Foundation). This documentary shows how this region is gearing up for the 21st century, portraying its challenges for sustainability.

Cartaz Amazônia - A Ultima
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