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cinema em movimento - vale



Circuit: School and Square

Period: 2007 to 2010

Company: Vale

Mechanism: Rouanet Cultural Incentive Act

Municipalities: 02
Films screened: 52
Sessions Held: 194
Teachers trained: 95
School audience:

Square audience: 22,948

About the project


For three consecutive years, the Cinema em Movimento – Vale (Movies in Motion – Vale) was the only way for residents of Santa Cruz, Brisamar and Vila Margarida, in the Itaguaí district of Rio de Janeiro State, to watch Brazilian movies in their communities. 
Held in public squares and on the sports fields at the municipal schools, these open-air screenings welcomed the entire community. From the second semester onwards, this project extended its scope and moved into public school classrooms, with capacity-building sessions for teachers that included educational materials provided by the project. The intention was to provide tools to generate content in classrooms, based on the issues addressed in the movies

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