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Director: Margarida Cardoso

Production Co: Filmes do Tejo (Portugal) and MPC Filmes

Genre: Drama

Duration: 117 minutes

Country: Portugal, Mozambique, Brazil

Year: 2017


After losing her daughter, Rita (Beatriz Batarda) returns to the African country where she was raised to investigate a mystery from the past: the truth about the death of Yvone Kane, a former guerrilla fighter and political activist. In this country where progress is being built on the ruins of a violent past, Rita reunites with her mother Sara (Irene Ravache), a tough and lonely woman who has lived there for many years. While Sara spends the last days of her life searching for a meaning of her past acts, Rita ventures into a territory marked by scars and haunted by the ghosts of war, searching for the secret of Yvone. But all paths seem to lead her towards the impossibility of redemption and oblivion.

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